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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the turnaround time for reports?
A:  Times will vary, but most reports will be completed within 24-48 hours.  Some may take a little longer, as it is important to get complete and accurate information.

Q: Do I need a signed release from every applicant?
A: Yes. True Hire requires a signed release for every service from each applicant.

Q: Should I use a database for criminal searches?
A: Databases are not nearly as accurate and reliable as a hands-on county level criminal search. True Hire offers a database product that is as good as any in the industry, known as the National Identifier. We highly recommend this product as an add-on, never a substitute for a hands-on county record search.

Q: How can I submit background check requests to True Hire?
A: True Hire supports a number of methods to make your job easier. Applications can be sent to us by fax, email, or our secure web application. In addition, we have developed direct links to many of today’s leading Human Resource software packages.

Q: Can True Hire help with my organization’s compliance with the FCRA and other government regulations?
A: Yes. True Hire can advise you and provide all of the necessary forms as well as offering our full service compliance packages where we do it all for you and take any of the guesswork out of staying legal.

Q: Why do I need my applicants’ date of birth?
A: Most court records are stored primarily according to name and date of birth. Social Security numbers are not included in most criminal records. It is therefore much faster to search when we have a date of birth. True Hire can provide a service called the Birth Date Identifier that will collect this information from your applicants directly and help keep you safe and compliant.