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Three Volunteer Management Myths

Myth #1: Volunteers Don’t Cost Anything

Even though volunteers aren’t monetarily compensated, it doesn’t mean they’re completely free to non-profits. Many people outside the charity sector don’t understand the effort that goes into making sure that a volunteer is properly used and looked after. It can be costly to train, manage, and retain voluteers. Considering the average volunteer provides over $20/hour worth of labor it’s important to keep them happy.

Myth #2: Volunteers are Limited

In 2011, 62.7 million American volunteered with an organization (27% of the entire population) according to the Corporation for National and Community Service. And that percentage has been steadily increasing.

Myth #3: Volunteer Retention is Impossible

The reality is that on average 2/3rd of all volunteers will volunteer again next year. While only 55% of those who volunteered for manual labor will repeat this service, nearly 76% of those who volunteer for professional services will return. Simply put, to reduce turnover, volunteers must be pleased with the environment in which they work and motivated by the tasks to which they are assigned.

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